Welcome to the Tula House Plant Library! Learn best plant care tips to keep your plants alive and beautiful. Once you are full of new care information, explore our rare plant selection in our shop section. 

Tula’s Plant Library 

Welcome to the Tula House Plant Library. Learn about different plant species, what each plant needs, and plant care tips to keep your plants alive and beautiful. Once you are full of new care information, explore our rare plant collection.

  1. Hoya pachyclada photographed at Tula Plants & Design.

    Hoya pachyclada

    Hoya pachyclada is a vining epiphyte native to Thailand. Beloved by collectors for its ovoid leaves that come to a soft point, this slow-grower will produce doming clusters of white, star-shaped flowers that look like a bridal veil.

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  2. Hoya pubicalyx 'Black Dragon' photographed at Tula Plants & Design.

    Hoya pubicalyx 'Black Dragon'

    Hoya pubicalyx 'Black Dragon' is a nursery cultivar of Hoya pubicalyx, a vining epiphyte native to the Philippines. Its thick, waxy leaves love dappled and indirect light. This variety is prized by collectors for the coloration of its flowers, which are black and crimson-purple and blossom, as all Hoya flowers do, in a seamless, arcing dome.
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  3. Senecio scaposus, or Wooly Senecio, photographed at Tula Plants & Design.

    Senecio scaposus

    Senecio scaposus is a small, stemless succulent from South Africa that is striking for its silver-white coloration and fuzz. Native to rocky cliffsides and outcroppings, this plant has evolved a white felt covering to reflect the intense sun of its habitat.
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  4. Sterculia colorata or bonfire tree, photographed at Tula Plants & Design.

    Sterculia colorata

    A stunning caudex plant from Southeast Asia (specifically Sri Lanka to Vietnam), Sterculia colorata is famous for its clusters of bright orange flowers beloved by pollinators, including songbirds. Large, maple-shaped leaves grow from the crown of this plant every spring and typically crisp and drop from the plant in the winter. Flowers appear early the next year, before new leaves come in.
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  5. Crassula capitella subsp. thyrsiflora, or Red Pagoda, with its geometric maroon towers, photographed at Tula Plants & Design.

    Crassula capitella subsp. thyrsiflora

    Crassula capitella subsp. thyrsiflora is native to South Africa where its long stems sprawl and form mats on dry, rocky slopes. Their leaves form a tower of red triangles which resembles a Red Pagoda hence its common name. 
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  6. Chamaelobivia Hybrid 'Rose Quartz' blossoming with three large pink-red flowers at Tula Plants & Design.

    Chamaelobivia Hybrid 'Rose Quartz'

Chamaelobivia Hybrid 'Rose Quartz' comes from a group of hybrids commonly raised by nursery cultivators for centuries. The name Chamaelobivia is a combination of their parental species found in nature, Chamaecereus and Lobivia. Both of these species, however, have since been reclassified as Echinopsis. Nevertheless, the name Chamaelobivia has stuck. Known for flowering easily, prolifically, and beautifully, these hybrids, especially ‘Rose Quartz’ are highly sought by cactus lovers. They are among the easiest cacti to grow, so are also an excellent fit for beginners.
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