Epiphyllum anguliger


Epiphyllum anguliger is a night blooming epiphytic cactus that naturally grows clinging to the limbs and trunks of trees. An oddity in the cactus family, it is native to rainforest conditions, meaning it loves high humidity and more frequent watering. Keep an eye out for large pink or white, fragrant, night-blooming flowers in the fall which only last one night so be sure to stay home for the show.


Epiphyllum anguliger is native to evergreen forests in Mexico.


Epiphyllum anguliger love a couple hours of direct sunlight, but prefer to stay in partial shade for most of the day. The diffused light of a screen door or sheer curtain will imitate the dappled sunlight of a rainforest canopy. Make sure the Ric-Rac has protection from the sun during the hottest hours of the day. They are prone to burn or bleach if grown in too much direct sun.


Native to the rainforest, the Ric-Rac likes more water than other members of the cactus family. Water when the top layer of soil – about an inch down – is dry. Epiphyllum anguliger’s succulent leaves retain plenty of moisture so be sure to let that soil dry out. In the winter, when these plants are not actively growing, ease up on watering even more. Reduce the frequency of watering to about half of what you would provide in the summer.

Tula's Tip

The Ric Rac grows and blooms best when somewhat rootbound. Repot every two or three years, moving it to a pot just 2 inches wider. Dramatic flowers up to 8 inches in length may bloom in late summer or fall. They have a sweet scent, and only bloom at night. Fertilize: Fertilization is during spring and summer up until flowers stop blooming in the fall. Apply a tomato or cactus fertilizer every two weeks. Do not fertilize in late fall or winter.


Approx. 4" long with leaves 1" at the widest point. Every plant will vary in size, color and shape.


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