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6 of the Best Houseplant and How to Care for them

Tula House was recently featured in a Redfin article about some of the easiest houseplants to care indoors. We were happy to be one of 6 experts Redfin approached from around the country!

Check out the article below and follow this link to read the Redfin article on their website. 

The following article was published by Redfin. Text by Marcello Kline

One of the simplest ways to add life and color to your home is through plants. However, for those with a busy schedule or who have the preconceived notion that they require an abundance of effort, this Redfin article is for you.

One major side benefit shared by Marc Hunter of Arrowhead Flowers in Glendale, AZ, is how house plants “remove toxins and purify indoor air quality, resulting in better respiratory health and quality of sleep.” Now, let’s delve into six of those houseplants that not only purify air but offer a beautiful aesthetic and the resources for maintaining them.

1. Philodendron, also known as Golden Straw

The Philodendron, also known as the Golden Straw, has a unique shape and vibrant yellow color. With its smaller size, it styles well atop a work-from-home desk or a bold bookshelf filled with literature and décor.

Christan Summers with Tula House calls the Philodendron their team’s “current favorite,” adding how it “thrives in a mix of direct and indirect sunlight, and can dry out a bit between watering’s.”

Philodendron Golden Saw_Tula House_Rare tropical plants

2. Monstera Deliciosa

The Monstera Deliciosa is another popular house plant with smaller sized leaves compared to the Monstera Adansonaii. These house plants are stunning when styled in a woven basket against an accent chair, as they offer life to any entertaining space.

Randall Scott with HousePlant Baltimore suggests placing your Monstera Deliciosa in a bright room with no more than two hours of direct sunlight. He adds that the plant should be watered every seven to ten days but cautions not to overwater it.

Monstera deliciosa_Tula plants_tropical plant shop

3. Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, also known as ZZ

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, better known as ZZ, is a popular house plant known for its tropical aesthetic. It offers “dark green, oval leaves and tall stems”, as Daniel Brinker of The Plant Dads suggested. 

ZZ plants are also “perfect for those who may not quite remember to water their greenery or don’t have the time to give their plants attention,” says Laurie Bernitt with Jungle Cat Plant Shop.

Ashley Searing, owner and founder of RejuveNate – Plants, and Wellness, shares how the ZZ requires little light yet does best in bright indirect sunlight. 

ZZ plant_zamioculcas zamifolia-tula plants and design

4. Philodendron Brasil 

If you’re looking for a house plant that offers flowing, variegated leaves, the Philodendron Basil is your go-to. This house plant thrives in indirect sunlight and requires water once a week, but be sure not to overwater.

At Foxglove PlantBar in Athens, GA, their team shares how they “absolutely adore the Philodendron Basil for its captivating array of green hues that effortlessly adds a touch of elegance to any room.”

5. Pilea Peperomioides, also known as The Chinese Money Plant

This rumored “lucky” plant, or the Pilea Peperomioides, is a stunning green plant that adds character and charm to any room. The plant’s nickname, Chinese Money Plant, was coined by its Southwest China origins, plus its leaves resemble coins.

Danielle Fairbanks, travel blogger for Danielle Outdoors, shares how the Pilea Peperomioides is a “low maintenance plant that can be decorated with a fun colored pot to increase the Feng Shuai in your home.”

6. Fiddle-Leaf Fig

With large leaves, the Fiddle-Leaf Fig has stood the test of time and remains a top choice for enhancing a space with height.

Bailey Ryan, chief executive officer for PlantHouse, shares how “fiddles suck in moisture. So that they continue to absorb moisture in the air, keep their leaves clean–which can be done with microfiber gloves.”

Ficus Lyrata_tula plants and design_Tula house

Final thoughts on the best house plants and how to care for them:

There are many house plants (some with fun nicknames) that will go perfectly in any room that you choose, and while busy schedules can sometimes get in the way of remembering to take care of them, there are plenty of low-maintenance plants that will still be around to greet you when you come home. 

Elio Calabrese, owner and founder of Urban Planting Cleveland, encourages plant owners to “be creative with heights and elevate their aesthetic by placing plants on tables, unique stools, or even dedicated plant stands.” To learn more about properly caring for your house plants, connect with your local nursery or other plant gurus in your area for the best tips.



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