Adding Greenery to Your Workspace with Office Plants

Boost morale and health in your workspace or office with plants. While not every plant is ideal for the workplace (or for indoor use in general), the good news is there are lots of plant species that love being indoors and are easy to take care of.

The best office plants will add to the work environment without being too distracting or difficult to care for. Let’s explore which indoor plants are great for your office environment, what qualities to look for in your plants, and how to take care of them so they last for years.

If you are looking to expedite the process and call in the experts, Tula Gardens offers professional plantscaping services for offices and residences in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and outlying borough neighborhoods.

How to Find the Best Office Plants

While there are lots of beautiful indoor plants to consider for your office, not all of them are well-suited to that kind of environment. For a plant to survive — or even thrive — in the office, it should:

  • Love low light (or indirect light) – Most offices use fluorescent lighting and windows are usually few and far between which means your plants should have low light requirements, or at least prefer indirect sunlight.
  • Require low maintenance – In order to not become an office burden, the plants you bring in should have relatively low maintenance needs. Plants with low water needs should be watered once a week or once every other week. Make sure the plants don’t require regular pruning either in order to grow properly.
  • Resist pests – We all know workplaces aren’t always the cleanest and if you’re planning to bring plants (and their dirt) into your workspace, opt for plants that are fairly pest-resistant. While you can’t guarantee your plants will never attract pests, there are certain precautions you can take like investing in a pest solution.
  • Be year-round or perennial – If you’re investing in plants for your office, you might not want to purchase brand-new plants every season. Instead, opt for plants that live year-round or at least come back each spring.

If you want to create a plant design that requires more maintenance, Tula Gardens offers indoor recurring plant care services along with the option to subscribe to our guaranteed maintenance program.

What Plants to Consider for the Office

Shelf of plants in a window sill

Before you start plant shopping, you need to think about where you want the plants to live in your office. Do you want plants in decorative indoor pots or do you have the space to make your plants a decorative feature? Are you planning to put the plants on the ground or will they live on tables and desks? Once you consider the answers to these questions, you can narrow down the types of indoor plants that will work for your office. Here are some of our favorite plants to add to office spaces.

Euphorbia lactea in terra cotta pot

Euphorbia lactea 'White Ghost'

This arid plant is ideal for the office because of its low maintenance needs. This species only needs heavy watering a few times a year (spring and summer), so you can let this plant hang out over the weekend and for weeks on end without worrying. With its alluring color and beautiful branch-like growth structure, this plant will add unique character to your workspace.

Alocasia heterophylla in terra cotta pot

Alocasia heterophylla 'Dragons Breath'

Look closely and you can see the shape of an actual dragon’s face in this unique plant’s leaf structure. This beautiful office plant, commonly referred to as simply ‘Dragon’s Breath’ is a stunning feature for the workplace and only requires a little bit of care to keep it growing strong. To allow this dark leafing plant to reach its fullest potential, make sure it sits in bright, indirect sunlight. Infrequent watering with ample drainage will help keep the roots from rotting (a common issue with overwatered succulents). The low-maintenance care and bright, engaging foliage makes this one of the best indoor plants for the office.

Golden Saw Philodendron in terra cotta pot

Philodendron 'Golden Saw'

Want to add color to the office but looking for something other than just green? This philodendron is one of the best plants you can add to the workplace. With its beautiful golden hue and wavy, almost feather-like leaf structure, it’s certainly going to draw the eye. What’s even better is that this plant doesn’t need to be in full sun, making this one of the best office plants. However, the philodendron does require regular leaf pruning, which can be done easily with pruning shears.

Hildewintera colademononis

Hildewintera colademononis

Cacti are already common office plants, but with this subspecies you can add a bit more interest. The Hildewintera colademononis, also known as the Monkey Tail Cactus, has soft white spines and as it grows it tends to curve downwards—hence the name. This cactus can withstand long periods without water which means a better chance of survival in a busy office. It only needs water once the soil is completely dry. Place the Monkey Tail Cactus in a spot that gets bright, indirect sunlight.

Caring for the Indoor Plants in Your Office

Office co-work space with lots of plants

Even the most low-maintenance plants require some care, so you’ll need to factor that in when you’re planning your office garden. If you’re not sure when or how you can make time to properly care for the plants in your workspace, consult with Tula House. Tula House can educate you on how to properly maintain your indoor garden or provide regular care visits so your plants can get expert care.

Where to Find Quality Office Plants

You can find the best office plants right here at Tula House. Visit our plant store in Brooklyn to experience our incredible plants yourself, or contact us for more information about our plantscaping services. No matter what vision you have for your workspace, our team of expert designers and horticulturists will help you achieve it.

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