Elevate Your Decor: Hanging and Trailing Plants for Stunning Vertical Gardens

From a meticulously minimalistic studio apartment designed to be cozy to a sleek commercial setting, the best hanging plants can lend a unique blend of dynamism and warmth to any space.

Trailing plants stand out from the crowd with their vibrant and flowing long stems, each branching out into a wondrous cascade. These plants are great fits for shelves that might not get a ton of light around the day, and their unmistakable aroma makes sure your space shines all the time. 

Let’s pick out a few plants that’ll look right at home on your shelf.

Hanging House Plants: An Elevated Choice 

Philodendron melanochrysum 

Also known as the Black Gold Philodendron, the Philodendron melanochrysum instantly draws the eye. With its deep, velvety leaves, this is a plant that can absolutely thrive with minimal care and will quickly illuminate your commercial or residential area with its heart-shaped leaves. Add a trellis so this plant can climb up or let the dramatic leaves hang down.


You’ll want to keep this one in bright indirect light to encourage maximum growth and avoid any chances of leaf burn or drooping. For example, a brightly lit spot next to an east-facing window would be ideal. As a tropical hanging plant, the Philodendron melanochrysum loves moist soil. Make sure you keep the soil constantly moist and use a pot with proper drainage to avoid root rot.


Our insider tip? Pinch those growing stems to encourage them to spread out and fill the pot.


Philodendron melanochrysum trailing plant in terracotta pot

Monstera pinnatipartitia 

The Monstera pinnatipartitia is widely known as one of the best hanging plants along with the golden Pothos – and for good reason. Put a Monstera down next to a brightly-accented wall or next to a wooden chaise lounge and you’ve got a recipe for a perfect afternoon at home. Equal parts laid-back and elegant, this is one to look out for.


Native to tropical South America, this rare variety of Monstera stands out with its shiny, textured leaves. What you might not know is that this plant can be trained to trail downwards, climb up, or, if left to its own devices, split to the sides and branch out. To train the Monstera as a hanging house plant, simply leave it to grow in around 4 hours of bright indirect light. The leaves will eventually droop and branch due to their own weight. On the other hand, you can also use a trellis to support the stems and encourage them to climb upwards. 


If you’re looking for a versatile plant to complement your space, the Monstera pinnatipartitia is a great bet. 


a climbing Monstera plant next to a red wall

Hildewintera colademononis

Not all trailing plants are tropical. The Hildewintera colademononis, also known as the ‘Monkey Tail Cactus,’ is perfect for the forgetful boss or busy homemaker. This trailing cactus is a great way to stand out from the crowd and leave a memorable impression on both visitors and clients. Each tail shoots upright before curving to hang downwards and bloom with beautiful magenta flowers. With proper fertilizing and the right sunlight, you can enjoy these show-stopping blooms in no time. If your space doesn’t have enough sunlight, you can opt for a grow light to help out.


The Monkey Tail cactus is one of the best hanging plants for people living in more arid areas. This plant thrives in indirect light and is prone to sunburn if left in the intense direct afternoon glare. Water these only when the soil has completely dried out and fertilize during spring to help those roots stay strong throughout the year. 


trailing cactus plant

Supporting Your Trailing Plants

Garden Design – Create Your Dream Vertical Garden

These hanging house plants effortlessly bring light and life into any room, but an expert touch can help you make sure you’re getting the most out of your commercial or residential space.

Tula House can help your vertical garden reach its potential with our indoor garden design services. Our team of expert interior designers and horticulturists work hand-in-hand to understand your needs, whether that’s creating a more vibrant workspace for your employees or just designing a beautiful den for your living room.                                                             

Niwaki Snips

Even the best hanging plants need the occasional snip to grow well. Our Niwaki series of garden tools is inspired by sheer Japanese excellence, designed to help you prune your trailing plants to perfection. The Niwaki Garden Snips fit right into your back pocket for those morning rounds, ready to snip unwanted growths with its slender 50mm blades that guarantee pinpoint accuracy. 

garden snips on a trailing plant against a blue background

For the best results, make sure to keep the snips clean with camelia oil and sharpen when necessary with a sharpening stone

Fertilizing Done Right

bottle of fertilizer on orange background

Improper nutrition can cause your budding vertical garden to lose its luster and stunt growth. Look out for signs like discolored leaves, yellowed stems, and wilted flowers to spot plants that need fertilizing. Keep in mind that you don’t have to wait until the fresh soil dries out to start applying fertilizer. 

For example, budding trailing plants in the initial stages of growth love nitrogen-rich plant food. Fertilizers with elevated N:P ratios are ideal here. The nitrogen helps your hanging house plants maintain their signature green colors while the phosphorus content will ensure the roots stay healthy and strong. Similarly, a trailing plant in the later stages of growth could benefit from more potassium and phosphorus to encourage timely blooming. 

The Right Light

grow light over hanging plant

Whether your home doesn’t have adequate sunlight or you’re simply running out of space near your windows, an adjustable grow light is a helpful accessory for any plant parent. In order to keep your hanging plants healthy and trailing down rather than just drooping down. Choose a grow light with adjustable intensity and spectrum so you can customize the light your plants are getting. 

Whether you’re looking for a tropical stunner or a tough plant built to withstand arid conditions, a hanging plant is one of the best ways to bring an all-new verticality to your space. Discover unique plants with Tula House today and find the one your room has been waiting for.

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