Plant Reads

  1. Several mother cactus plants with new growth for sale at Tula Plants & Design to celebrate Mother Plant's Day.

    Propagating Succulents and Cacti

    All of our plants come to us ready to grow, flourish, and share themselves with the world. For indoor gardeners, learning to propagate plants can help us become more in-tune with the life we bring into our homes, expand our collections for free, and share our passion for plants with friends and family. And succulents, with their resilient root systems and adaptable stems and cuttings, make the process of propagation incredibly easy.
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  2. A large Rhipsalis pilocarpa, perfect for use as a mother plant, for sale at Tula Plants & Design.

    Caring for Mother Plants

    At Tula, we love our mother plants for their presence, perseverance, and generosity. Each one comes with a story – the massive Euphorbia lactea that is supported at its base by several bricks, or the Crassula ovata (Jade) grown over decades to take the form of a miniature, thick-trunked tree. And to make each story even richer, every mother plant is not just growing at Tula, but in homes all around Brooklyn and beyond. Because that’s what mother plants are, large specimens that can regularly be pruned back for cuttings.
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  3. The custom soil station in the Arid Room at Tula Plants & Design.

    Soil Science Made Easy

    Matching the right plant with the right soil is just as important as finding it the perfect light conditions. However, as intimidating as the phraseΒ "soil science" is,Β the process of finding or forming the right growing medium for a plant is quite simple.Β 
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  4. An arrangement of Myrtillocactus geometrizans 'Fukurokuryuzinboku', or Boob cacti, for sale at Tula Plants & Design.

    Quick Look: Myrtillocactus, Opuntia, Cereus

    Famous residents of the deserts of Central and North America, Myrtillocactus and Opuntia make some of the most stunning, easy-care plants for arid lovers – so long as you provide plenty of sunlight.


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  5. Variegated Jade (Crassula ovata) pruned and sculpted into a bonsai shape, potted in custom Com Work pottery and photographed at Tula Plants & Design.

    Quick Look: Crassula, Senecio, Kalanchoe

    These iconic succulent families come from Southern Africa and Madagascar, where long droughts and intense sun have bred hardy, water-retentive, and truly unique species. From the bonsai-like Jade (Crassula ovata) to cascading String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus), these succulents enjoy pretty much the same care across the board – tons of sun and droughts between watering.
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  6. Several epiphytic Bromeliads (Guzmania lingulata), show off their beautiful inflorecences in a rainbow of color at Tula Plants & Design.

    Quick Look: Epiphytes

    Many plants use larger plants as growing surfaces, pulling water from their bark and using trunks and stalks as support to access more light. We call these plants epiphytes. From tropical ferns and bromeliads to air plants and arid succulents, epiphytes are some of our favorite indoor plants.
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