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Welcome to our plant and garden blog where you can find a wealth of information about different plant species, how to care for them, and how to make plant life the center of your space. We hope these articles help you better understand and enjoy your plants! If you have further questions, visit Tula House to speak to our expert team in person.

  1. Tula Co-Founder Christan Summers places a large Euphorbia candelabra alongside a pencil cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli) in the Arid Room at Tula Plants & Design.

    Quick Look: Euphorbia

    Oh, the gorgeous, diverse, and dangerous Euphorbia. Commonly known as spurges, these plants come from all over the world, but most of ours come from Southern Africa and Madagascar.
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  2. Calathea Beauty Star at Tula Plants & Design

    Calathea Care in Winter: 3 Dos and Don'ts

    Calatheas are tropical plants beloved for delicate wide leaves and gorgeous patterns. But they’re also known for hating winter. For those of us who love these plants, but live in temperate environments where we close the windows and crank up the heat in winter, our relationships with these plants can quickly stray toward scorn.
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  3. A gorgeous and full String of Pearls, or Senecio rowleyanus, photographed at Tula Plants & Design.

    String of Tips: Senecio Care

    Senecio (alternate Latin designation, Curio) is a succulent that takes on many shapes and forms, the most popular of which are stunning, cascading vines with leaves that easily invoke the forms of something else. String of Pearls and Fish Hooks, both Senecios, make dramatic design statements that stop plant-lovers in their tracks. But why are they so difficult to take care of?
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  4. A ric rac cactus (Epiphyllum anguliger) alongside Niwaki Garden Snips, both for sale online at Tula Plants & Design.

    Pruning – A Complete Tula Guide

    Get out the snippers. It’s time to do some pruning. Sculpting, cleaning, or propagating, pruning is an indoor gardening practice that is often very helpful and sometimes very necessary. At Tula, we place pruning into two categories: voluntary and essential.
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  5. Tula Plants & Design founder Christan Summers pots a Pachycereus Marginatus crested, a rare collector cactus for sale.

    How To Repot A Cactus

    At Tula, we love repotting plants. And as long as they’re pest-free, we encourage customers to bring their plants to the store so we can repot them. However, so many plant owners shy away from repotting one kind of plant out of fear. Cacti are covered in spines, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be easily handled and potted.
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  6. A beautiful Fittonia 'red,' or nerve plant, ready to be repotted at Tula Plants & Design.

    How To Repot A Tropical Plant

    Pairing a plant with a new pot is one of the most fun parts of being a plant owner, and it’s a milestone for your plant. A chance to grow bigger, healthier roots and leaves! Here is Tula’s guide to safely and carefully placing a tropical beauty in its new home.
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