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Welcome to our plant and garden blog where you can find a wealth of information about different plant species, how to care for them, and how to make plant life the center of your space. We hope these articles help you better understand and enjoy your plants! If you have further questions, visit Tula House to speak to our expert team in person.

  1. How to Prepare Your Garden’s Soil for Spring Planting

    Avid gardeners always look forward to the months of spring when a whole range of plants, flowers, and produce is in season. It’s easy to get carri...
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  2. Breathe Easy: 5 Air-Purifying Plants for a Healthy Home

    As the seasons change and pollutants grow incessantly inside our homes, more and more people are turning to nature’s very own HVAC for a home-grown...
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  3. Elevate Your Decor: Hanging and Trailing Plants for Stunning Vertical Gardens

    From a meticulously minimalistic studio apartment designed to be cozy to a sleek commercial setting, the best hanging plants can lend a unique blen...
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  4. Contemporary office decorated with plants

    Adding Greenery to Your Workspace with Office Plants

    Boost morale and health in your workspace or office with plants. While not every plant is ideal for the workplace (or for indoor use in general), t...
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  5. 6 of the Best Houseplant and How to Care for them

    6 of the Best Houseplant and How to Care for them

    Tula House was recently featured in a Redfin article about some of the easiest houseplants to care indoors. We were happy to be one of 6 experts R...
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  6. Houseguest: Lauren of Wooden Spoon Herbs

    Houseguest: Lauren of Wooden Spoon Herbs

    Everyone has an innate connection to plants of some form, but ‘plant people’ of all kinds come into their botanical curiosities by way of their own...
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