Maintenance Assistant Maintenance Assistant

Maintenance Assistant

Maintenance Assistant:

To apply please email your resume and cover letter with the job title in the email subject line to

Who you are 

You have a keen eye for detail and enjoy physical work. You love plants, taking care of plants, learning about plants and you especially love maintaining a beautiful display of plants. You are comfortable working in a small business environment and communicating feedback and ideas to your managers. You value hard work while exhibiting strong entrepreneurial skills which help you think fast and strategically. The work we do demands high energy and a positive attitude. We take pride in caring for healthy and unique plants, therefore plant care and a keen eye for detail and design is expected of all Tula employees. If you like to feel physically and mentally accomplished at the end of your day, Tula is a great brand to work with. 

About Tula

Tula was founded on three principles; creativity, education and experience. We love to learn, grow and inspire and we are proud to support a team of hardworking, creative and motivated individuals who want to grow with us. Tula launched in 2016 with a 100 sq ft plant truck and we now operate out of a 1200 sq ft storefront with a dedicated arid room backed by a growing e-commerce shop. Every person who walks through Tula’s doors is treated with the utmost respect - our house is your house. Horticulture has always been about community and our goal is to maintain that while pushing the status quo in creativity, customer service and product quality. We are a husband-and-wife owned and operated business with an enormous heart and big ideas. We believe communication, feedback, and persistent problem solving are the ingredients to overall success.

Job Objective

As Maintenance Assistant you are the eyes, ears and care professional for all plants living in various locations throughout the city. Your main job is to visit and care for all plants on a weekly basis, or according to the contracted schedule - and keep the plants happy, healthy and growing.

Essential Duties and Job Responsibilities 

  • Weekly visits to all maintenance accounts to care for plants.
  • Each and every site visit you will record the health and general state of all plants when necessary. 
  • Report if/when a plant is suffering with a recommendation on what to do/treatment/what to replace.  

On site Maintenance responsibilities include and not limited to:

  • Monitoring overall plant health; inspecting for pests, disease, chemical, malnutrition, chemical or other imbalances
  • Probe for soil moisture and watering of plants as needed
  • Fertilizer applications as needed
  • Pest Control as needed using non-toxic products and in accordance with 1PM and LEED standards, including the use of beneficial insects where appropriate
  • Disease and Fungal control as needed
  • Cosmetic pruning, trimming and shaping
  • Service notes upon each visit detailing work done, recommendations and refreshments ordered
  • Adjust orientation of plants/planters where necessary to account for uneven growth due to phototropism
  • Dusting plants to ensure health and appearance, washing other appropriate plant cleansers upon request
  • Thorough cleanup and removal of any plant debris and debris on plant containers

Assistant to Maintenance Lead Includes: 

  • Conduct quality control by assessing all plant material and ensuring proper horticultural techniques
  • Assessing aesthetics of overall plants and containers and ordering additional refreshments as needed
  • Visiting with client to ensure overall satisfaction (not common)
  • Quick response to any questions, concerns or requests from client 
  • Suggest enhancements for account and/or sales calls on request
  • You should feel comfortable navigating busy spaces and must stay within an allotted time to complete your maintenance. Certain sites open and we must be finished by the time the business opens to their customers. 

Additional Factors:

  • Assist on executing new installation requests alongside Maintenance Lead and Design Director.
  • Spatial design changeover requests from existing roster of clients to manage and execute.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Must be able to work Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • You must be comfortable working on your feet for 8 hours at a time and able to lift objects at least 30 lb in weight.
  • Strong knowledge of plants and the ability to listen, multi task and problem solve
  • Have 2 years retail, hospitality, or design setting
  • Dedication to providing excellent, on-brand customer service.
  • Is highly respectful of others and the ability to maintain a positive and empathetic attitude at all times.
  • Horticulture education is a plus.


  • Option to participate to 401(k) 
  • Discounts on Tula plants and products

Hourly salary is dependent on experience level and will be assessed during initial interview. 

To apply please email your resume and cover letter with Job Title in the email subject to