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Welcome to our plant and garden blog where you can find a wealth of information about different plant species, how to care for them, and how to make plant life the center of your space. We hope these articles help you better understand and enjoy your plants! If you have further questions, visit Tula House to speak to our expert team in person.

  1. A begonia, potted in one-of-a-kind pottery by Yuko Nichikawa, for sale at Tula Plants & Design.

    Four Signs Your Plant is Ready to Repot

    At Tula, we follow the rule of four. If you’re thinking about repotting, take a look at your plant and ask yourself these four questions. If more than one of them applies, then it’s time to consider repotting.

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  2. Grow Lights – How to Use Them Well

    Grow Lights – How to Use Them Well

    Indoor gardening and light troubles go hand in hand. Often, our wildest plant dreams fizzle when we encounter the reality of one factor: light exposure. But that doesn’t have to be the case!
    A bathroom without a window. Natural sunlight, but no direct sunlight. An eastern facing window that gets plenty of direct sun in the summer, but barely any in winter. In all of these situations, your plants can flourish with the help of grow lights.

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  3. Kleinia stapeliiformis, or pickle plant, potted in a one-of-a-kind pot by artist Yuko Nishikawa, photographed at Tula Plants & Design.

    Top Plants for Intermediate Plant Parents

    Graduating from the common plant and learning about unique and more challenging plants is what Tula is all about. The diversity of plants is astounding and there are so many that can be grown indoors with a little extra learning, love, and attention.

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  4. The Monkey Tail Cactus (Hildewintera colademononis) at Tula Plants & Design receives direct sun in the Arid Room on a frigid winter day.

    Winter Plant Care, A Guide

    Winter is officially here. As I write, I’m looking out onto a blanket of snow that has quickly and quietly covered the New York streets. In my line of site are my beloved plants, all tucked indoors, totally oblivious of the below freezing temps outside. And this is the way they like it.
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  5. Tula Plats & Design's store pet, the fake macaw Petey the Parrot, roosts above a hanging Goldfish Plant (Columnea gloriosa), which is non-toxic to pets.

    The Tula Pet-Safe Plant List

    The cohabitation of our furry and green friends can be a hairy situation (pun, intended). I always say that every pet is different, so it’s best to consider the behavior of yours, and then find your best plant to match. If you’ve never grown plants and pets together, you may need to try a few things when you bring one or the other home for the first time. For instance, when you bring a plant home, place it where you’d like it to grow, but have a backup location that is out of reach in case you see your furry friend take a great interest in the newest member of the family. It’s also good to give your pet some time to get bored of the plant. So, if they show interest, don’t move it away immediately. Let them scope it out, but keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t ingest any leaves or branches.
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  6. An epiphytic orchid, Caularthron dia bicornutum, attached to a piece of bark at Tula Plants & Design.

    What's the Deal with Orchids?

    So, you bought an orchid, or you got one as a gift. Then, the flowers fell off or the leaves burned. You're not alone. And it's not too late. Here's everything you need to know to keep your new delicate flower flourishing.

    Let’s start with the fundamental facts of orchids, which will help explain how and why orchids can be the easiest plants to care for and why they are in fact wonderful gifts to keep giving. 

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