Plant Reads

  1. Following root rot, a treated and rerooted boob cactus at Tula Plants & Design.

    How to Save A Dying Plant

    Your success in plant revival will always depend on the plant, your environment, and the actual problem. So first, you’ve got to play detective and diagnose the issue. Has the plant been over watered? Is there a pest infestation? Are you not giving the plant enough light? Perhaps the plant was repotted in the wrong type of soil and the roots are suffocating? These are all common cases of plant demise so you’ve got to start by identifying which problem to attack.
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  2. Succulents grouped together in direct sunlight at Tula Plants & Design.

    Holiday Travel – Keeping Your Plants Healthy

    Traveling in the winter is an ideal time for your plants as they are usually dormant, therefore not using as much energy and water. The sun is also not as strong so you can worry less about leaf burn and your home overheating. Before we get into tips, you need to take stock of your plants.
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  3. A Tula Plants & Design employee waters an umbrella tree (Schefflera amate) in the store's green tile shower.

    Water and Light, or, Can I Feed My Plant LaCroix?

    We get a lot of plant care questions at Tula, and every once in a while we hear something soΒ unusual that we can't help but stop in our tracks. The latest was this one: 'Can I feed my plant LaCroix?'
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  4. Blooming in A Bed of Spines – Six Tips on Cactus Flowers

    Blooming in A Bed of Spines – Six Tips on Cactus Flowers

    The Night-Blooming Cereus (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) at Tula House just flowered. Over the course of a week it produced dozens of fragrant blossoms, each lasting only a single night. The flowers, white as to reflect the light of the moon, didn’t have the chance to get pollinated, because our Brooklyn studio doesn’t have sphinx moths or bats.
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