At Home Care

Consultation and Plant Care

Do you have plants at home that need some extra care? Let us come to you! We provide At Home Plant Care services unique to your needs. Whether you have plants purchased at Tula or elsewhere, our expert plant designers and horticulturists are here to help.

At Home Care Services include general care, design, lighting tips, pest ID and troubleshooting. Add-ons include; repotting, plant cleaning, and pest removal, all from the comfort of your home.

At Home Care start at $199

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  • Tula House Plants

    We promise to source the most healthy, and extraordinary plant species while creatively educating you on how to best care for them at home.

  • Tula House Design

    With an equal love for plants and design, we craft original products, photography, videos, apparel, illustrations, and educational materials to inspire people to stay curious about the natural world. 

  • Tula House Gardens

    Whether your goal is to create a healthy environment for your employees, impress customers with unique plant design, or enhance the overall atmosphere of your space, our team of designers and horticulturists will meet your needs.