Part Time Shopkeeper:

Who you are 

You love plants, taking care of plants, learning about plants and you are eager to share your knowledge with others. You are comfortable working in a small business environment and communicating feedback and ideas to your managers. You value hard work while exhibiting strong entrepreneurial skills which help you think fast and strategically. The work we do demands high energy and a positive attitude. We take pride in selling healthy and unique plants, therefore plant care and a keen eye for detail and design is expected of all Shopkeepers. If you like to feel physically and mentally accomplished at the end of your day, Tula is a great brand to work with. 

Essential Duties and Job Responsibilities

  • Welcome and assist customers in selecting plants and products that will work for their specific environment
  • Be able to troubleshoot customer plant care and pest issues.
  • Have a vast knowledge on plant care for tropical and arid plants
  • Maintain plant health, visual merchandising and restock inventory.
  • Ring up sales through a POS system and schedule deliveries.
  • Pack in store pickups, local deliveries and ecommerce orders.
  • Assist with receiving and stocking plant/planter deliveries.
  • Repot plants for customers. 
  • Maintain shop cleanliness and an organized back of house.
 Qualifications and Skills:
  • Must have a flexible schedule and be able to work Friday, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • You must be comfortable working on your feet for 8 hours at a time and able to lift objects at least 30 lbs in weight.
  • Strong knowledge of plants and the ability to listen, multi task and problem solve
  • Have 2 years retail, hospitality, or design setting
  • Dedication to providing excellent, on-brand customer service.
  • Is highly respectful of others and the ability to maintain a positive and empathetic attitude at all times.
  • Horticulture education is a plus.

To apply please email your resume and cover letter to

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