Design For All Living Things

DFALT is Design For All Living Things. A belief we hold close at Tula – that design can allure as well as educate when a symbiotic relationship is built between nature and the objects we make. 

Tula was founded by a husband and wife team who each brought an equal love for plants and design to the company's foundation. From the onset, Design For All Living Things was baked into the Tula ethos. We craft everything in-house, creating original photography, videos, apparel, illustrations, and installations from scratch. The never-ending inspiration we get from the natural world feeds our desire to create an equally wondrous and surprising experience for everyone who loves Tula.



Tula x Erin Clancy

DFALT Series

August 11th-September 12th

STILL, LIFE is the second show in Tula's new art series entitled DFALT (Design For All Living Things). DFALT Series aims to highlight human-made objects that address the natural world.

In collaboration with Queens-based ceramicist, Erin Clancy, STILL, LIFE presents one-of-kind pre-planted arrangements available for purchase only at Tula.

Known for functional ceramics to be enjoyed at the table and in the home, Erin utilizes her background in printmaking to build up surface through layered glaze, creating mysterious environments that come to life with botanical companionship. Erin's work is shown alongside prints and poetry by collaborating writers, Solomon Olmstead, Rachel Miller, and Lewis Feuer. Available for purchase through the duration of the show.