Hi, We Are Tula

Design For All Living Things.

Tula Plants & Design is a plant shop and content studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Founded to bring us closer to nature while exploring new ways to design and experience plants so we might all grow wild together. 

Our company lives on three principles -

Education, Creativity and Experience.

Tula is for plants

We are dedicated to sourcing the most healthy, hard to find and extraordinary plant species  while educating you on how to best care for them. Since Tula launched in 2016 we have cultivated relationships with growers from all over the world who welcome us into their greenhouses and share with us their robust plant knowledge. The experience of sharing knowledge - from grower to grower, year over year, century over century is embedded in our brand and ethos.

It is our hope that after you visit Tula, we inspire you to explore new species, take risks and consider plants as more than just a decorative feature, but a living art piece that has a story to tell.

Tula is for design

Design For All Living Things.

A belief we hold close at Tula – that design can allure as well as educate when a symbiotic relationship is built between nature and the objects we make. 

Tula was founded by a husband and wife team who each brought an equal love for plants and design to the company's foundation. From the onset, Design For All Living Things was baked into the Tula ethos. We craft everything in-house, creating original photography, videos, apparel, illustrations, and installations from scratch. The never-ending inspiration we get from the natural world feeds our desire to create an equally wondrous and surprising experience for everyone who loves Tula.

Our hope is that you will join us in viewing the wonders of the natural world through a unique lens - comical, playful, artistic and perhaps, a bit wild.